The more I study and interact with the concepts of working from one’s strength, the more convinced I am of the joy and fulfillment it brings not only to individuals, but also those around them.

Think about it, whom do you most enjoy spending time with, someone who really knows him or herself, and uses their uniqueness at home and in the work place, or someone who dreads Monday morning and is always hoping for a ‘snow day’? I don’t even have to stop and think about this one…I choose the person who looks forward to their work and play with the passion of new love!

Do you know someone like that? Does it make you smile just to think about the joy they derive from the roles they play? If you had to describe them to a friend, what words would you use? How about positive? Or maybe engaging, inspiring, committed, content, energizing, productive, a pleasure to be around? Turn the question around, how would someone describe you in terms of the roles you play both personally and professionally? Would you like the words they use?

The sad reality is that research shows that most people don’t feel fulfilled by what they do and yet don’t really know what to do about it. Rather than investigating their options and taking time to learn what their strengths are…and acting on that discovery, they resolve to put in time, put up with their lot in life, and accept mediocrity. Very sad, and wasteful of the life and gifts they have been given.

How about you? Have you taken time to get introduced to ‘you’? Do you have a solid grasp on what you bring to the table and the impact you can have in your sphere of influence? If not, maybe it’s time…


I just read a twitter quote by Simon Sinek that really struck a chord’ “Progress happens when those with experience work to guide the idealists forward.” Pair that with opposing sentiments I often hear from more mature individuals “No one cares what I have to offer anymore…I’ve become obsolete in their eyes.” Talk about contradictory views!

One of the aspects I love about what I do is having the privilege of working with young idealists; they are passionate, motivated, eager, enthusiastic and yes, at times unfocused. The greatest gift we can give these new voices is guidance; guidance based on years of experience gained through learning and living.

Who are the idealists in your life who inspire you, and who you can pay back with guidance? You may find them right in your own family–I did!